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With about 3,400,000 people, Berlin is the biggest Town in Germany. It is 38 kilometres long and 45 kilometres wide. Consider that Berlin has a lot of suburbs and districts. As you know, the city was split in their history. You will however know that there is/was East-Berlin and West-Berlin so that it has a “Town East” and a “Town West “.

Birth is possible with four various options.

1. By airplane – Berlin has three airports.

2. By teach – it is a junction of the German Train Network tripindicator. Case, the stop “Bahnhof Zoo” is found within Belin Mitte (City East), ergo you’ve “immediate access” to a lot of sights and pubs.

3. By Car – All motorways to Berlin result in the “Berliner Ring “.From there you will get to the internal city on various access roads.

4. By Coach – it is a well-priced and comfortable way to travel to this (or any other) city. The “Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof” (ZOB – Key Coach Station) is found near the Exhibition Middle (ICC), in Charlottenburg, Town West. From there, you’ve connections to over 350 locations in Germany and Europe!

Today, can we get going? Ok, c’mon, get my hand, let’s go sightseeing! 🙂


The Reichstag was made out of 1884-94 by John Wallot, could be the chair of the German Bundestag or federal government and, having its new translucent dome, one of the greatest crowd-draws in Berlin. Their vibrant previous shows the turbulence of German history considering that the 19th century. From 1994-99, the Reichstag was reconstructed and expanded by the Architect Sir Norman Forster. He decided to include an accessible translucent dome, in which you may go through and “participate” and see how political choices are made. One says, “We (the government) need showing that we have nothing to cover up “.


This is the most celebrated block in the complete city. It combines the structure of the New Berlin with the convention of the “Fantastic Twenties “.In the Twenties, the 3.5 km long block was the positioning for delight palaces, cafés, theatres and selection theatres including the popular “Wintergarten “.Following the division of the city, the Wall also reduce through that street. The planet popular Checkpoint Charlie was based at the edge of the districts of Kreuzberg and Mitte and ergo at the edge of East and West Berlin. Not just guests but also the employees from the brand new, stylish offices, agencies and media centres all take pleasure in the downtown soul and New York style of the brand new Friedrichstrasse.

Checkpoint Charlie

From 1961 to 1990, Checkpoint Charlie was the only edge crossing stage for the Friends, foreigners, employees of the Permanent Representation, and officials of the GDR. And it had been the place where Soviet and National tanks stood experience to face. Today, the gate is commemorated with a edge indicator and a soldier’s post.


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