Cricket Match Is A Treat To The Eyes

A cricket match can be a test match, a one-day match or a Twentytwenty match and fans have their own preference for the style of game that they prefer. However no one can doubt the fact that a one day match between top teams in the cricketing world is cause for much excitement and speculation. The anticipation of the game starts building right from the beginning of the Pakistan Super League Fixtures that the cricket match is about to be played. Cricket enthusiasts supporting opposing teams can be found involved in heated arguments even before the first ball has been bowled in the cricket match. The level of interest and involvement in the game surpasses all expectations once the cricket match actually begins on the field.

A cricket match can bring out the hidden side of any cricket fan. A normally quiet person may become a vociferous supporter of his team if challenged by a strong supporter of the opponent team. Heated words and at times even physical fist fights are a common sight among cricket fans. The cricket match is also one of the favorite programs with the marketers and advertisers.

The advertising fraternity is ready to pay through their noses to get an advertisement slot during a popular cricket match as a voluminous viewership is assured for such a game. As the commercial breaks are for a short duration during an ongoing cricket match, the viewers are usually hooked to the particular channel telecasting the match even during the commercial breaks. It is no wonder therefore that channels make a killing when selling advertisement slots during a popular cricket match that is to take place between favored teams.

It is not unusual to find a cricket fan scheduling his day around the timings of a particular cricket match. Even examinations are at times scheduled and rescheduled to avoid days on which crucial games are being played in important tournaments. The once in four years World Cup often sees such behaviour followed by many cricketing nations. Cricket, a gentleman’s game, has therefore indeed come a long way from the time when it was first played in the 16th century and is still gaining further fan following.