Custom Patches- An Sensible Decision

Custom patches or direct embroidery? When this kind of question arises, most of the time people end up getting confused. Work places that require employees to wear uniforms often have the name or logo of the company sewn on the uniform. Some places use metal badges as well. However, they are expensive and may not suit the budget of a small enterprise. This is where custom embroidered patches or direct embroidery proves to be a cost effective option. Although choosing from the above mentioned two options can prove to be tricky, hence we will take a look at some of the factors that might help you to make your choice.

There is no argument on the fact that direct embroidery on a garment looks beautiful but it is also quite expensive. On the other side, custom patches can help you carry your business logo or message across in an almost similar and easy fashion, without burning a hole in your pocket. custom embroidered patches are available to you easily online on websites like, giving you the advantage of shopping for them straight from home. Unlike direct embroidery these patches can be designed and created without considering the fabric on which they will be sewn. You can just purchase the patches of your choice and easily apply them to any fabric of your choice.

Further, these custom embroidered patches can be recycled for use again and a single patch can be repeatedly used on several garments. Due to this particular characteristic of custom patches you can easily purchase them in a bulk for a year’s supply and save production costs. Also, most online manufacturers give customers some really good discount on bulk purchases.

Manufacturers of custom embroidered patches also provide you a variety of choices and options from which you can shortlist the one that meets all your requirements. Some of the most popular type of custom patches are merrowed border, hot cut border, iron on backing, peel and stick backing and Velcro backing. From the mentioned options, Velcro backing and iron on backing are the two most famous varieties use in custom patches, mostly because of the ease that they provide in application.

If you are looking for an online manufacturer for custom patches, then you need to choose carefully and check the background and professional reputation of the company so as to avoid any regrets in the future.