Fetal Flaws – A Hereditary Adenomatoid Malformation


In January 1996, Felicia Rodriguez of West Hand Coastline, Fla. chose regular prenatal ultrasound at 20 weeks pregnancy and also found out there was a large, strong mass in the infant’s breast. A higher-level ultrasound revealed that the child had a left-sided genetic cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM).

  1. Scott Adzick, M.D. as well as his group from Kid’s Health center were phoned call to keep track of the instance. One more ultrasound exposed the start of hydrops, an unusual buildup of liquid bordering interior body organs that is symptomatic of fetal cardiac arrest and also approaching fetal fatality.

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Felicia Rodriguez fulfilled the CHOP group, went through analysis examinations and also was after that promptly planned for fetal surgical treatment. Throughout the treatment, specialists opened her womb and after that the fetal cavity framing 22-week-old Roberto as well as got rid of the amniotic liquid.

Dr. Adzick carefully raised the unborn child’s side and also arm out of the opening in the fetal cavity, made a laceration on the left side of the unborn child’s breast as well as got rid of the substantial CCAM. With the fetal upper body sutured closed, the unborn child was put back right into the womb.

4 days later on, Felicia Rodriguez was released from the health center and also invested the following 2 as well as a half months silently waiting in Philly at the Ronald McDonald Residence.

The fetal cardiac arrest fixed and also lung cells expanded in utero. On May 13, 1996 Roberto Rodriguez III was birthed at 34 weeks pregnancy, considering 6 1/2 extra pounds.

” All I can believe of was just how much we had actually been and also exactly how much we had actually come,” stated Felicia Rodriguez. States Mrs.

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