Marketing – Are You a Spiritual Marketer?

To some, those words could sound as if I’m speaking about religion in advertising and marketing, or possibly some kind of New Age “woo-woo” marketing and advertising. But I’m not.

The truth is, each of us is spiritual in some way – and it has practically nothing to do with going to church or following any type of spiritual teachings. It has to do with respecting both ourselves and our prospects – and with performing appropriate by each.

A spiritual marketer is one who does not compromise his or her beliefs to sell a solution, and who does seek to add advantage to the lives of these who buy the item or service becoming sold.

He or she sells not only for profit, but to enrich lives by making persons aware of the goods and solutions that can add worth to their lives.

As a beginning copywriter, I learned to seek out the underlying positive aspects of any solution I wrote about. Not just the added benefits that would serve the obvious and visible requirements of my prospects, but the deeper wants and desires that the prospect may possibly not even speak aloud. I discovered to subtly reference these positive aspects so that the prospect could recognize them with no being “hit more than the head” by them.

I also rapidly learned that several marketers were not sincere in their claims to meet those requires – and these are undoubtedly not spiritual marketers!

Just yesterday I read a great e mail that listed the commandments of spiritual advertising. 1 of them stood out: “Promoting is not about what you do TO a person, it is about what you are undertaking FOR someone.”

So I ask again: “Are you a spiritual marketer?”

If you believe in your item, or you think in your service, and you present it honestly, you are in all probability a spiritual marketer.
If you hope that by reading your message and taking advantage of what you supply, someone’s life will be enriched, you are in all probability a spiritual marketer.
If you refuse to misrepresent anything in order to reach monetary get, you are possibly a spiritual marketer.
And if those factors are true, you are also likely on your way to great accomplishment.
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