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Starting this new year, I want to tell you about selling on Amazon. Not a matter of technique, but rather an experience of one and a half years as a store on Amazon. Because the story will be long, so later I will make 2 parts.
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For those who don’t know, Amazon is the same marketplace as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, Amazon, EBay, etc. The difference is, Amazon focuses on vintage and handmade items. The sellers are artists from all over the world. More can check the Amazon web.

Reasons for selling on Amazon

The biggest reason for selling on Amazon is because it wants to reach a wider market. We can also set prices higher than in the country, can be two or three times as much.

Because the price is expressed in dollars, so the sale follows the exchange rate. If the dollar is high, we can get more. If the dollar is just normal, it can still be more ????

Actually sad too … Feeling rich in foreign henchmen. The dollar rises does not mean the rupiah fell, but instead happy. # of sellers Amazon

Sales Costs on Amazon

Unlike local marketplaces, selling on Amazon is not free. There are several costs that must be borne by the seller. Unfortunately, selling on Amazon is not easy anymore as so many people are trying to sell on there. Today you need a powerful software like Helium 10 which you can see on The link contains anything you need to know before you purchase the Helium 10 software, including the coupon code for the software.

??? Cost of product listing

$ 0.2 per item and will be updated as long as stock is still available. For example, when we upload a product, we must fill in how many items we want to sell. Suppose we fill 5, meaning it costs $ 0.2 at the beginning (listing costs) and then $ 0.2 each sale of 1 product item (renewal listing costs).

??? Cost of sales

When goods are sold, Amazon charges as much as 5% of sales. For example the price of the item sold is $ 25 + shipping $ 17. Then the sales cost is (5% x $ 25) + (5% x $ 17). Why does the calculation have to be separated? Yes … Indeed, from Amazon specified so.

Weits, there are more sales costs, namely PayPal fees ????

Every time there is money entered on PayPal, we are charged a fee of 4.4% + $ 0.3.

So, we do have to set the right price in order to cover those costs. Some unexpected costs can also appear. For example, when the dollar exchange rate rises, shipping costs automatically rise, so we have to pay more than the customer has paid at the beginning. Although the amount is not much, it must still be considered.

Not to mention if there are items that do not reach the address. As a seller we are obliged to replace goods or give refund. Try to imagine, the price of goods is $ 25 + postage $ 17. If the package is lost on the trip, we must replace it in the same form. This means that we double the post and it is like we give free stuff right? Even if there is a refund, usually full refund. We must return the funds according to the initial amount.

??? Promotion Fee

This seems like it’s common already. Every marketplace must offer paid promotions. Amazon too. If you want our products to appear in advertisements, you can use the “promote listing” feature. We can set ourselves which products will be advertised and the budget per click. And the maximum budget per day.

I usually use promote listings when sales are rather quiet. My budget per click sets $ 0.01 for 3-23 products with a maximum budget per day of $ 1. If you want the product to appear more often on the advertisement, we can increase the budget. The higher the budget we offer, the more likely the product is seen by visitors. This feature can be deactivated at any time, without a certain period of time.

Most Potential Customer

It’s only natural that if we sell, we also need customer analysis. Of the many Amazon visitors, the most potential for Crafelta products are mothers throughout the United States.

During this one and a half years, the most shipments were to US. Apart from the relatively cheaper shipping costs from other countries, there are also many mothers there. So it is impossible to make your own educational toys. Also often I get a granny-granny customer who is looking for gifts for his grandson. Cool? Already old but old … buy it online. From abroad too ????

It’s not good to get old customers, sometimes they’re impatient. Do not want to know the point of the goods must arrive at the address. Even though sometimes the post pack cannot transfer and the recipient is forced to take it himself. There was once a granny who freaked out in anger, even though I had tried so hard and served patiently.

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