Organizing and Booking Kitesurfing Trips in Sri Lanka


Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka is the closest tropical destination from European countries that offers a lot of possibilities for kitesurfing trips. Kitesurf Sri Lanka spots are inhabited by super friendly people and stunning landscapes.Image result for Valumpuri Resort

Kalpitiya is a beautiful shallow water lagoon spot and the wind supports the sport throughout the year especially from May to October and December to March.

Enhance Kitesurfing Skills 

Whether you want to improve your kitesurfing skills or want to learn kitesurfing from the scratch, Sri Lanka kitesurfing season is best for every soul who wants to indulge in this sport.

You can reside right by the lagoon at the resorts/ lodges that render comfortable rooms and swimming pool along with various other amenities such as delicious Sri Lankan local cuisines.

The Kitesurfing Destination

Kalpitiya in the northwest region of Sri Lanka is super windproof during the season that makes it preferable for tourists. Professional kite center Sri Lanka owned and run by experienced professionals are present here. These centers ensure the availability of right kite surfing gear and guidance.

Sri Lanka is the closest tropical kitesurfing destination that can be reached through numerous airlines from across the world including super comfortable and affordable golf Airlines. So, fly during kitesurfing season to explore the opportunities on the kite surfing spot. Also, the mesmerizing landscape of Sri Lanka offers enough of the scenic beauty for sightseeing and selfies clicking.

Variety of Activities

Free boat shuttle is available from the resorts located along the coastal region to the other side of the lagoon. So, you can explore the best kitesurfing spots and create an unforgettable time for yourself.

Besides kitesurfing indulge in other activities like jungle safari, morning yoga session, camping under the clear white sky on the Vella island (the island has least pollution and a guest free kitesurfing spots), kayaking, white river rafting, parasailing, dolphin and whale watching, or visit UNESCO world heritage site, Anuradhapura

Make your vacations in Kalpitiya a memorable trip for the lifetime!

Kitesurfing Price

You can fill in the online form to check the availability and the kitesurfing Sri Lanka price. Also, you can book kitesurfing trips directly online along with the number of persons. Some online kite surf packages booking sites renders booking for additional services too. There are different kinds of rooms, cabanas, and villas available with different kite resorts which you can easily check for the availability and the prices along with the amenities and the facilities rendered at these resorts.

Accommodation Facilities during a Kite Trip

Valampuri kitesurfing resort located on the bank of the kalpitiya lagoon is a family-run hotel and kite center. The resort runs a kitesurfing school that will take you to the most amazing spots for practicing kitesurfing in Sri Lanka.

These are a few of the facilities and the services of this kite surfing school:-

  • Beach assistance
  • Pool bar
  • Showers and kite wash
  • Sunbeds
  • Bicycle rentals
  • Kite shops
  • Free beach transfers
  • IKO- certified instructors
  • Kiet clinic
  • Radio coaching
  • Kayak rentals.
  • Kite storage and more

You can enjoy free riding at the locations in kalpitiya lagoon and have kitesurfed training, once you get your accommodation booking done by visiting the link:

The valampuri Kitesurfing School organizes kite safari at Dream Spot and Vellai Island that is a full day trip at the guest free destination having flat and calm water conditions.

Now, enjoying kitesurfing in a peaceful environment is not a remote off dream!

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