Teacup Persian Kittens – Setting The particular Record Direct


You may possibly be asking…What is a Teacup Persian Kitten??

Various breeders of Persian Teacup cats and kittens have different descriptive terms to point out the more compact traces they function within their cattery.

In an try to educate you about these pint measurement pixie Persians I have devoted this webpage to make clear specifically what Tea Cup Persian cats are and why they have attained the “teacup” terminology in excess of the a long time.

1st, permit me clarify…. “Teacup Persians” is a descriptive time period, not a size group. So remember to, do not acquire into fake ads or unrealistic dimension expectations of what the kitty will look like entire grown.

Many Persian breeders will use the word “teacup” as a marketing and advertising ploy to land a sale when in truth the ONLY colour class that has really gained the “Teacup Title” is the silver and golden Persian family.

I identified this out the hard way many years back when I purchased myself a Blue Eyed White “Teacup Persian”. He grew to a whopping fifteen lbs and had to be placed in a pet property since he was significantly too big to breed to any of my cats. I myself have been breeding White Persians for more than 20 many years I ought to have known far better but obtained caught up in the idea he would be small, as the breeder said.

If an individual is declaring to have white Teacup Persians, Himalayan Teacups or bi-coloration teacups you can bank on the simple fact they are not a dependable spot to ship your money.

So don’t forget….teacups Persians must screen SILVER OR GOLDEN on their physique to be labeled as a teacup Persian.

Just to be crystal very clear, I am not saying that a silver with white or golden with white are not little they important is silver or golden Should be visually present on the cat to classify as a “Teacup Cat”.

Reality: There is NO Such Thing as a teacup Himalayan!!!

While no breeder can promise the grownup dimensions of any shade you can relaxation certain if you are buying a silver or gold you are within the smallest total physique buildings a cat can carry.

I uncover that golden Persians are normally smaller sized than silvers not by significantly but some.

Normal size Persians and Himalayans are normally really big, cobby and muscular.

Normal sized woman Persians or Himalayans equilibrium out close to seven-nine lbs.

Regular sized male Persians or Himalayans stability out all around eight-12 lbs.

The Silver and golden Persians are just naturally smaller cats but in no way are they grouped or categorized into a “breed or dimension group” just known as the smallest and most petite of the Persian feline household.

Silver and golden Persians normally make females Around four-6 lbs and males Approximately 6-seven lbs.

This is not an specific dimension chart but merely a guideline to hold in the forefront of your brain when taking into consideration a “Teacup Persian”.

The all round bone structure of the Silver and Golden Persian is generally more diminutive than your typical sized Persians or Himalayans…not to say that you cannot get an occasional small framed Persian or Himalayan from other coloration types from time to time it’s just the silver and golden’s are a lot more known for repeatedly making these tiny framed Persians.

The Teacup Persians are every single bit as healthy, loveable and inelegant as the standard sized Persians they just have a smaller sized construct.

The Tea Cup Persians (at least the kinds created below at our cattery ) are purebred and not in any way crossed with another breed to accomplish their naturally little cobby physique condition/dimension.

Teacup Persians are generally greater in price, not so considerably since they are smaller sized in dimension but since their coat hues are that of the much more pricey designer types.

The Silver and golden Persians have lengthy considering that been known for and referred to as the “Royals Royce” of the Persian globe as a result you ought to be expecting far more elaborate value tags when buying for a teacup Persian kitten.

Teacup Persians have a relatively tiny coloration selection to decide on from: Shaded Silver, Silver Chinchilla, Shaded Golden Chinchilla, Blue Silver Chinchilla.

Iranian supermarket Los Angeles : Blue Chinchilla Golden, Silver & White, Golden & White and Blue Chinchilla & White, Red Shell Cameo, Product Shell Cameo.

You should Observe: Simply because Silvers & Goldens (Teacups) are smaller sized and far more fragile they ought to In no way be permitted to go away the breeder’s property till they are at the very least twelve weeks of age!!

All moral cat breeders implement this adoption age limit on all teacup Persian kittens.

FYI – ALL Silvers and Goldens are born Really dark then lighten with age. They will have attained their correct coat and eye color by the time they are two a long time old. I do hope I have clarified the “Teacup Persian Cats ” and their in a natural way smaller dimensions on this website page.

“Start with honesty to create trust”….that is our philosophy.

So make sure you preserve in mind if you are searching for a smaller kitty, you will most likely want a silver or golden Persian. Even so, it is important to remember….they are NOT “miniature cats” they are basically known for currently being the most petite and small framed.

Check out our Teacup Persian kittens for sale web page to see what we presently have available.

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