Tenga Spider Egg


The new adult concept Tenga spider egg is designed to entrap users in a web of sensual sweetness. With delicate strokes delivered by a web of super-tactile nodules, your stimulation and arousal will be quick and through the roof in a matter of seconds. The Tenga Spider egg features an intricately patterned inner sleeve; with a detailed web structure covering the entire inner surface, the edges are strengthened with uniformly surfaced convex and concave walls to provide extra adherence and all round stimulation, what this means is that every single part and every angle of your shaft gets 360 degrees multi-directional stimulation. The spider egg sleeve has a stretchy quality that enables it to expand from 2.5 inches to an incredible 12 inches in length and 8 inches in girth; so no matter your size, this egg has got you covered. To use this amazing male masturbator, simply unshell the egg and apply the accompanying lubricant generously all over the eggs inner surface, then pinch the tip just like you would pinch a condom, once you’ve done all this; you can insert your dick into the egg to enjoy knee-trembling sensations and a rumbling release. Handcuffs This egg is the very definition of discretion and a perfect travel companion, it’s a perfect gift for lovers; plus a mild, inexpensive way of asking a lover to keep the faith when you are not around, alternatively, you can use it to spice up your bedroom games with mutual masturbation. The Tenga spider egg is attractively presented in white with silver lines and purple detail, the outer layer peels off with ease to show a white, plastic egg-shaped shell with a ribbed tunnel in the middle. This Japanese sex toy is made from delicate material and designed for a single use, but with careful use, cleaning and adequate lubrication, it should be good for multiple uses.https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2351/2959/collections/bondage-tape.jpg?v=1542801423

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