Toy Joy Animal Crackers Funny Bunny


Grab a pack of Toy Joy Animal Crackers Funny Bunny for a good time like no other, the sensational Animal Cracker’s Funny Bunny is a gorgeous; pink colored mini rabbit vibe with a cute head, and a pair of rabbit ears, while the head burrows into your vulva and the surrounding areas of the vagina with delicious toe-curling massage, the ears provide soft teasing tickles to your clitoris, and with the combined power of the knee-trembling vibrations, you will be writhing in seizures of ecstasy all the way to a shattering climax. The Funny Bunny vibrator combines an innovative design with top-notch performance, it features a pair of tingly bunny ears forming a peace sign atop the bunny head, and the head is sculpted with a pronounced pointy mouth for burrowing; it also boasts a set of forelimbs on the smooth upper body of the bunny, and directly below this part is a transparent chamber housing the vibrating mechanism that powers the toy. The vibrating mechanism produces near-silent vibrations enabling you to enjoy your private time undisturbed, and without attracting any undue attention to your activity. Enjoy multiple speeds and patterns easily controlled via a built-in push-button, simply press on the button to turn on the toy; and keep pressing to cycle through the different speeds. Let Nipple Clamps tickle your erogenous zones, while the eager burrowing mouth nibbles at your womanhood. Alternatively; you can treat your entire body to a whole- body massage; from the breasts and the areas around it, the thighs, the back and indeed the whole body. Funny bunny is crafted from premium-quality, body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, it’s 100% waterproof and can be conveniently cleaned using hot soapy water or a toy cleaner, a water-based lubricant is recommended for best results. Funny bunny is 5.5” long, with 4.3 inches insertable, a circumference of 3 inches and 1.2 inches diameter. Power is supplied with 1 AA battery. Go bunkers with Crackers.

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